You Have Caught Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Cheating - Now What?

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If you are in a serious relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you may wonder if he or she is cheating on you. Even if you are not married, cheating in a relationship still hurts. If you actually catch your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating, what do you do now? Discover here what to do when your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats.

If you catch your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating and turn to the Internet for help, you will most likely find advice for people that are married. Just because you are not married does not mean you should have to put up with a cheating partner.

If you have evidence or a suspicion that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating, the first thing to do is to slow the relationship and take a step back. You must ponder the situation, get your focus and then evaluate it. Getting mad and acting on impulse will not accomplish anything. It will be hard to stay calm and keep your cool, but it is best in the long run.

If you actually catch your boyfriend or girlfriend with someone or even having sex with someone else, it is best to leave the room or location. Do not confront him or her. Leave immediately. If you stay, it will result in an argument or physical confrontation. Leaving the area will give you time to think without having to have two naked people in front of you or accusations and denials being thrown back and forth.

Evaluate what you saw and what can be learned from the situation. Do not make a decision to break off the relationship without careful consideration. When you do talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend, ask them to give you some time to consider the situation. This time apart will give the two of you some time to talk and decide if you want to try to save the relationship. This works best if you do not live together.

If you do live together, ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to leave and stay with family or friends or at least sleep in another room. If this does not work out, then it might be best to break up for a while.

If you are considering breaking up, you may not want to do so right away especially if you have been in the relationship for a long time. With this in mind, remember that some people that cheat do so over and over and some people learn their lesson and never cheat again. With this in mind, do not jump to a decision to break up too fast.

If you do want to save the relationship, you may want to consider counseling for you and your cheating partner. Although there is marriage counseling, couples counseling also exists. The younger you are the more likely the relationship will not be able to be saved. Adults and older people are more likely to want to work things out. Most teenagers are not as worried about a forever or long term relationship so they move on more easily.

The most important step to take when finding out your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating is to stay calm, act like an adult and do not resort to violence. Becoming physically or verbally abusive will not save the relationship or accomplish anything. When you are upset, you will say or do things that you will regret. Although these are just a few ways to react to a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend, there are more details to help you formulate a plan to save or break off your relationship.

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You Have Caught Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Cheating - Now What?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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