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The following article will discuss in more detailed some of the considerations and hindrance related to chasing of a romance relationship in the work-place. The aim this article is to help you better understand the environment, decisions, selections and potential outcomes for enabling one's heart to lead in such sensible environement. An overview of the possibilities and threats are presented.


Most firms have policies forbidding romantic relationships in the work-place due to the fact that they may encumber productivity and cause distractions. Others may just frown upon the prospect. It is very difficult to have a one-size fits all policy, but the general rule is to try to avoid such a relationship if at all possible in this environment. Now, there are those who fail to do so and this is where much controversy may begin. Before a person considers pursuing a relationship of this nature, they should assess the actual cost of the relationship. This means that there is a 100% likelihood that the relationship will be discovered at some point. When and if this occurs, both parties will be viewed differently by both co-workers and management. Now, this is where the relationship may be subjected to various forms of suspicion. If one or both of the parties involved married, this will be a less-than favorable arrangement that the company may not want to condone and both parties may be asked to resign if it were to continue.



The thrill of sneaking about is the motivating factor for some couples that may love living on the edge. These relationships are very secretive in nature and rarely come into the forum of the company unless things go wrong. The things that commonly go wrong are spouses finding out, employees informing management, or employees informing spouses. Once these relationships hit a manager's desk he or she is forced to take some kind of action, not in the moral context, but to protect the organization. There are many challenges in managing these relationships in that the context of business is rational and the context of a relationship is emotional. The emotional aspect is far more unpredictable than the rational routing of conducting everyday business. It is strongly recommended that if engaged in these types of relationship at work where either party is married, the participants should expect it to be short-lived. Most often these relationships are based on sexual desires because after being around a person you admire for several hours per day, a sense of routine sets in and parties get a feel for the individual in the context of a structured work environment.


The problem with these relationships is the external relationship that evolves outside the workplace. The two lovers may find that outside the office they may be incompatible after having an affair. The difficulty is returning to the office and working around the individual who enjoyed the most intimate aspect of a person's being beside their spouse. Guilt is the first emotion that commonly pops up and then remorse, shame, and regret. Men engaging in these affairs may find themselves in their manager's office explaining their actions after the female partner might remain undecided about the situation. Also, women may find that the man who kisses and made love to them the night before is aloof and does not want to have anything more to do with them. In both cases the relationship could easily become a company problem in this sense unless the two partners know up-front the actual goal of the relationship and where they plan to go. If the woman gets pregnant is another consideration because having the relationship without discussing the risk could lead to issue regarding right to life among the two and spill-over into the workplace.


Now, if one party is single and the other is married, there are even more complications because if the married spouse agrees to leave their spouse and doesn't, this can end badly in the workplace. A common rule-of-thumb for this kind of situation is to assume that the person will not leave the spouse. If single, it is better to avoid the situation in the first place in that the married person will gain more favor if the firm does get involved at some point. The single person is commonly viewed as the home-wrecker and married person is the family man/woman. One key heads-up for singles faced with this is that more often than not the married party has done this before in the same environment with someone else. If a new employee, definitely avoid this temptation and pursue a relationship outside the workplace with someone totally unrelated to your company. The deal is simple because the single person will carry the burden that the married person bestowed upon them and no matter what they are not willing to risk their livelihood for a single employee. Women commonly do this in the areas of administration and clerical as a path to get ahead sometimes. This approach usually leads to perpetual sex, limited advancement in career and blatant disregard when another employee catches his eye.




Unlike a married party in the workplace, singles may be celebrated in so firms and therefore one party may have to be reassigned or leave the company in good -stead. The singular advantage is that the company may support the efforts and therefore assist in ways that would never be imagined for a married party. A good firm would want this to transpire in a positive sense so that a sense of family equity prevails. In other words, more people with a vested interest in the success of the organization due to their livelihoods depending on it. In the event the relationship falls short of approval and support other measures may have to be taken. However, in any relationship there is one thing to keep in mind, 'Where you meet someone is definitely where you will see them again at some point." This especially hold true online or in the workplace.

There are some things that one must consider when dating in the work-place;

  1. Who knows about it?
  2. What are the potential disciplinary actions if found out?
  3. Is this relationship worth my career, reputation, and privacy?
  4. Will this cause a problem on the job with other co-workers?
  5. How will your personal and professional brand play into this endeavor?
  6. What are the limitations of this relationship? In office or clandestine rendez-vous?
  7. What if things don't work out?
  8. How will I support myself if I lose my job because of this?
  9. What is the perceived impact on my decision by managers etc.?
  10. Should I begin looking for a new job if I go through with this?


These are just some of the questions one might ask to get a better assessment in respect to risk and reward. Through it all, one should not allow their heart and emotions to be the sole reason to pursue a relationship of this caliber because it can be costly to be happy.


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Work Place Romance Relationship

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