Winning Back Your Ex - 7 Simple Steps

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How do you start planning when you are thinking of winning your ex back? Reactions to a relationship break up are as varied as the reasons for the breakup. Some people will take it as an excuse to go on an all night drinking spree while others will retire to sulk in a darkened room, coming up for air once in a while and wallowing in self pity.

You are wanting to get your ex back really badly aren't you? Does the end of the relationship feel like the end of your life? Upset about the decision to break up? Is there an empty place in your heart and life where your ex used to live?

In the first instance, find how to deal with your pain.. Drinking too much is not a good strategy!. Put quite simply,you are looking at winning back your ex abut they don't need to know about it just yet. Turning up where they are, obviously intoxicated won't do it!

The second thing is do not pursue. Just lay off the emails, the texts and the potential stalking (particularly if, despite what you have just read, you are still thinking of getting drunk!) .Don't follow your ex and turn up in unexpected places. Giving your ex the idea that they might still be in control is not very appealing is it ? Any hint of stalking is a definite no no

Your ex has to be given the idea that you agree that the break up is long overdue. Communicate this clearly to all and particularly anyone who knows you both You don't have to explain anything:just plant the ideas. How you behave in the earliest stages sets the scene for winning your ex back .

Don't chase.Be chased. Note the difference! Find the time to encourage yourself here. It may even be an idea to rid yourself of depressing notions and write things down .Write down all the positive things about the relationship as well as the not so positive. When you have completed it flush it away. Yep.thats what I mean. Do not post it to your ex, its for you only.

This is the time to remain positive and get rid of negativity, including talking about your ex in disparaging terms. Aim to regain some stability in yourself. Then regroup and start planning!

Keep busy with anything that will help keep you away from your ex. Take this opportunity to get on with things you have planned to do before but hadn't because of lack of time or focus. Go hiking,start painting,learn to ski. This will show your ex that you can live without them, are actually happy in yourself.

This is the time you might spend time thinking about what once was and if you do think about its strengths Think about what was good.If by any chance you do talk to your ex at this time, just behave positively and avoid fighting about the issues that ended it. One of the first steps in winning your ex back is to remind them what was good about the relationship.

Now for the final stages! Comunication but at a slow pace. You have to get the message across that you are getting on with your own life in order to start the process of winning them back. Only then do you have a realistic chance of winning your ex back and keeping them!

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Winning Back Your Ex - 7 Simple Steps

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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