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Is it possible to win back your ex lover? The answer is a simple yes, but do not think because the answer is simple that the problem isn’t. Our relationships are the most complex part of our life and far too many people break a relationship too soon and for insufficient reason. Sure I understand that at the time it broke the reason seemed compelling and then action of breaking it off appeared to be the only reasonable thing to do. That’s only human and you reacted as most people do and decided to punish your ex by breaking off the relationship.

People that have taken this step and ended a relationship all know that soon after you break it off you’d love to wind time back and handle the problem in a different manner. Again that is only human. Therefore you decide to win back your ex and make a massive mistake by pleading and/or grovelling. Bad decision people.

When you repair a broken relationship by pleading or grovelling this often changes the nature of the relationship and you become a subservient partner. That relationship will never be the same again because all of the best and lasting relationships are built on a foundation of honesty and equality and if you want to get your lover back it is pretty futile if they return and want to be a the dominant partner. Do not plead or grovel because there are easier and more effective ways available to you.

Before taking this discussion further I’d like to point out that some relationships should be ended; if you are in an abusive or violent relationship it is better to end it and keep it ended. The vast majority of the world has moved on from having relationships where one member is dominant and the other submissive. Strong relationships are built between equals.

Returning to the theme of this article which is: Win back your ex, there has been a book published recently that deals with winning back your ex lover and it lays out in plain simple terms how you can achieve this without grovelling or pleading. When I read this book I found it to be based on good sound common sense principles based upon the fact that if you once had a good loving relationship then it isn’t very difficult to re-kindle the love and affection upon which it was built. The secret is to learn as much as you possibly can about what makes you tick and what makes your ex tick before you attempt to set up a plan to reignite your loving relationship.

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The author of this article is Paul Browne who has made relationships between people in both business and private life his forte.  He speaks on this and many other topics at public seminars and functions.  You can find the Magic Of Making-up by following this link.

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Win Back Your Ex Lover

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This article was published on 2009/09/15
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