Why do Celebrity Marriages have Higher Failure Rate

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According to a research at Radford University, people who work in close proximity with other people than their spouses have more chances of a relationship failure, as these regular physical contacts lead to extra-marital attractions. One other reason suggested in this research is that all those professions requiring long work hours and dedication most often lead to break relations and marriages as well.

It is a well known fact that celebrities have to put in lots of hard work and concentration to achieve success and lime light. Usually they forget the importance of their personal lives and prioritize their work over relationships. Therefore, it becomes really difficult for them to save their marriages during hardships of work, complexity like having kids and giving time to each other. No wonder these marriages fail in the end.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons there are few other crucial factors like selfishness, no time for communication and lack of common interests are cited as major reasons behind broken celebrity marriages. All these reasons are most commonly found in any celebrity as for them everything revolves around their work and fame. Due to their work they don’t even have time to meet their spouses. Common divorce rate is said to be 40%, while celebrity divorce rate is 67%.

Celebrities are driven by self motives and they look forward for a successful couple image created by media and benefits driven through it. Publicity is one of the ulterior motives of the celebrities, and through quick marriages and divorces they gain this motive very easily.  For them getting married and taking divorce is not  a big deal as they don’t even have time to repent their relationship failure.

Marriage is a social institution which can be defined as staying together and growing together, unfortunately celebrities don’t have time to even see each other. It becomes almost impossible for them to make their relationship work out and they easily opt out for a divorce. Marriages are built on trust and dependency on each other. In our day to day life we are dependent on our partners and until or unless we find someone better who can fulfill those needs we are unlikely to move. For celebrities such alternatives are more close to them than their real life partners. They work with attractive and successful alternatives for more than 16 to 17 hours in a day and really don’t hesitate to move on with them in their real life.

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Why do Celebrity Marriages have Higher Failure Rate

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Why do Celebrity Marriages have Higher Failure Rate

This article was published on 2012/03/26
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