Understand Boss-Subordinate Relationships

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Some of my colleagues and fellow managers are strong technical expertise as working in the advance technology industry; but they are weak in people management or managerial skills.  They found hard time to start building relationship effectively with their subordinates from the first day in position.  Remember your first day in your current position as a boss, you need to get acquaintance with your subordinates; to understand their names, their routines, their strengths, their weaknesses, and equally important, is their attitudes.  How will they build working relationship with you?  How do you understand the dimensions behind the relationship?  In the following paragraph, I will show you the different steps of building relationship effectively and positively. 

Relationship by Job Title

The first step is relationship by title.  In the very beginning, the relationship is merely relied on your superior job title over your subordinates; for instance, manager with staff, and supervisor with worker.  Your relationship or source of power is come with the subordinates’ perception of an authority attained from your superior status.  Without this, you are nothing more than a peer working with them.  You cannot order and instruct them.  

Relationship by Job Knowledge

The second step or stage is the solid job-related knowledge carried with you.  Your working experience and your education background will boost your professionalism and your authority in your department.  In fact, your salary and package provided by the company is majority depended on this to negotiate during your job interview with current company.  Your subordinates will come to you with questions, and sometimes with challenges, and look for your answers and advises.  It is a right moment you can further enhance the relationship by providing them with expertise answers and effective instructions to resolve their problems.  


Relationship by Respect

The last step is the relationship by respect.  This is one of the major ingredients to maintain the positive relationship with your team.  If you can coach your subordinates with your professional knowledge and with enthusiastic attitude, you will win the respect from your team under your leadership.  Equally important, you should respect them as they respect you.  This step will help building a positive and long-lasting working relationship with your subordinates. 


Effective Team

Once you understand the stages of relationship building, you will be in a fast track to establish the necessary relationship with your subordinates in the working environment.  You will effectively manage and get along with them to build a significant effective team.  Also, the relationship will promote and rebuild trust between you and your subordinates.  To conclude, employees will make commitments to the organization if they respect their bosses and are respected in turn by their bosses.

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Understand Boss-Subordinate Relationships

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This article was published on 2008/11/13