Top 5 Reasons Rebound Relationships ROCK!

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You know what? I think rebound relationships get a pretty bad rap. I mean, sure they can be pretty freaking messy sometimes - especially if you end up transferring all your unresolved emotions from your ex-girlfriend onto your new rebound girlfriend, i.e., you can't tell the difference between the two women - but if you approach them with the right attitude, rebound relationships can ROCK.

The key is to be honest about it upfront - with yourself and with the rebound woman. As long as you can do that and as long as she's cool with being a rebound fling, you might just start to wonder why you ever thought rebound girlfriends were bad ideas in the first place.

1. Rebound Relationships Are "New"
Rebound or not, new relationships are always fun. More than fun - they're exciting. Everyone's always on his or her best - and most devilish! - behavior during the beginning of new relationships. You're trying to seduce her, she's trying to seduce you, and no one's worried about having to attend another screwed up family function or whether or not the electricity bill got paid. All you have to do is go out, have fun, and drop her off when you're done.

2. Rebound Relationships Are Good for Your Ego
After your girlfriend dumped you, you probably started asking all sorts of questions about yourself. Am I not good enough? Am I not rich enough? Am I not attractive enough? Blah, blah blah. Dating a rebound chick is a fantastic way to get rid of those thoughts. What's better for your bruised ego that having some knockout eager to spend time with you? Of course, you do have to realize that your ex-girlfriend DID break up with you for a reason. Not being "good enough" or "rich enough" are clear signs of a woman you didn't need to be with, anyway, but if the reason was that was no longer attracted to you, well, then, you might want to take a second look at that beer gut, buddy.

3. Rebound Relationships Can Help You Get Back at Your Ex-Girlfriend
There's no reason to pretend getting revenge on your ex-girlfriend isn't lurking somewhere in the back of your mind. What better way to get back at your ex than by strolling into the party with a woman ten times as hot as she is? Plus, she'll wonder how you managed to "bounce back" so soon after her. Was I just not that important to him? What does that new woman see in him that I missed? Did I give up on him too soon? Insecurity is always an effective revenge tactic. Cruel, yes - but definitely effective.

4. Rebound Relationships Don't Have to Require Commitment
Hey, it's a rebound fling - not an interview for potential future wives. If you're not looking for someone to spend every waking moment with, be clear about that. If you just want someone you can hit up the occasional party with, be clear about that, too. Find a woman who's down with being your rebound girlfriend and you'll be in for fun times, my friend.

5. Rebound Relationships Let You Jump Ship Whenever You Want
As long as you were clear about your intentions - and your rebound girlfriend didn't fall in love - you should have no trouble ending your rebound relationship whenever you want.

Plus, because it was a rebound fling, you don't have any of that messy, uncomfortable break up stuff to deal with. You don't have to worry about returning any of her crap (or getting all your crap back from her in one piece), you don't have to worry about who's side your friends are going to take, and you don't have to worry about whether or not she's going to head out and try to get revenge on you.

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Top 5 Reasons Rebound Relationships ROCK!

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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