Signs of Cheating in a Relationship?

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All good relationships are based on trust and love. If these are missing or fading out, the relationship is in trouble and will not last long. Cheating is the biggest threat to a well going relationship, be it with marriage or without marriage. When you are no longer comfortable with each other and feel your preferences have changed, it is one of the signs of cheating in a relationship.

If you are aware of the signs of cheating, you can be prepared for the worst before hand saving you a lot of pain. Look at the finances, if there is any unexplained or uncommon expenditure, do not hesitate to ask for explanations from him or her. It may not be cheating, but eventually move towards it, so be aware.

If your partner is seeing somebody else, they will certainly pay more attention to your clothes and looks. So watch out of new clothes, haircuts and other grooming activities. Look for their credit card bills and other stuff in their pockets.

When your partner is having another relationship and living a second life, there are bound to be changes in his behavior and actions. Only you should be watchful and catch it. Simple things like change in appearance, attitude can tell you more about them. You may not be spending much time together be it at home or going out for entertainment.

Pay attention to the phone calls and emails. May be a new mobile number or spending more time on the computer. Whispering on the phone and deleting messages are sure signs of suspicion. Lay your eyes on her/him all the time, on every occasion.

It's important to listen to your heart is well. Your heart will guide you in the right direction and let you know what is happening.

Little clues will be left around for you to follow. If they are buying new undergarments that you never see them wear or if they leave the house without their wedding ring, you may have questions that need answered. Finding forms of contraception may be another indication.

They may come home late or stay away on weekends. Watch for their interaction with you and others. If you get into an argument, they may just give in unlike earlier. If they are compromising and they never do that, that is a big sign. Also their friends and colleagues can be helpful to give you more information. They may know something.

Our minds are generally about to pick up on the signs of cheating in a relationship without ever being aware. Trust yourself if something seems wrong. While this list is in no way conclusive, it can give you a place to start if you think you may be living with a cheater.

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Signs of Cheating in a Relationship?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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