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The people with moon Sign Sagittarius the New Year 2011 is welcoming you with open hands and most of the planets are there to receive you and treat you in a special way.

You are bestowed by the Almighty with one of the luckiest sign as you are rich in many ways , spirit and true friendship to name a few. You may shock people with the extent of your free spirit and the unusual decisions.

You always set a goal or target for yourself which is high and seems unreachable.
You are matchless when you are inspired by your own strong will. Your theme for life is freedom.
You are often involved in quests for spiritual revelation and philosophical engagements.
Not let down by a loss, you can restart again, aim and start for achieving the goal. Overall your confidence level always remains great.
You are adaptable, good spirited, ambitious, athletic, candid, honest, confident, egocentric, generous, intelligent, logical, persuasive, philosophical and reckless.

Now lets us see what is there in store for you in the coming New Year. This guide will help you in planning your affairs so that the qualities mentioned above work best for you.

Jupiter shall be transiting in the Pisces sign till May 2011 and after than it will be in the Arian sign till the end of the year. A strategic planning is needed to enjoy the benefits of the transiting Jupiter. The results given by this Jupiter shall only be good after May 2011. So the positivity from Jupiter has to be rapt to the fullest so that the days before May do not affect you people much. There is an indication that you may injure yourself while driving in vehicle. Health has also to be guarded.

Mars this year is going to shower some benefits. The months of March and July shall bear good results for you. In these months you can benefit by victory over old enemies, old property disputes can get settled, and cure to ailments is also signified.

The placement of Saturn in the tenth house from the natal moon for most part of the year is not an ideal proposition for Saturn to be in. There is an indication that most of your labour goes unrewarded or waste. There is also an indication that you may not be able to flourish in your professional endeavours. A better preparation to combat the menace of Saturn has to be thought off.

Rahu shall be with the natal Moon till May 2011 and thereafter it shall slip in to the second house. This position of Rahu is suitable for the native. He should resist from speaking violently and raising altercation with superiors. A health check is also advised.

Ketu in seventh from the natal moon and then migrating to the sixth house is also an average position for Ketu to be in. Ketu can bring some respite to the native in the second half of the year when moral victory over the enemies shall be more eminent.

Let us check that how the various aspect of life behaves for a Sagittarius in 2011.

Overall personality and Aggression:- This year the health and personality shall remain average as there will be no improvement in the basic traits you possess. Your aggression shall also prove futile, so you should have a controlled aggression this year. A great effort from your side is required to raise the personality level of yours.

Wealth and Material success:- A strong will power is what is required from you this year. The planets and their transit want to see you a completely transformed human being. The wealth and material success that is required by you may elude you but the determination part in you can change this result to a great degree and that too for you benefit. So follow your virtue, set goals and strive hard to achieve those.

Your siblings, courage and small Journeys:- The relationship with your sibling will improve this year and you will have a continual urge to mend the relationship. If you enjoy a good relationship it will peak this year. Just to warn to that too much of sweet is also bad. The small journeys that you undertake for your business or pleasure will be pleasure giving.

Your Home, family and vehicle:- This year you can hope to get yourself a good home. Plan your home this year, you may feel a few jerks but eventually you will succeed in acquiring one in the second half of the year. Try and spend some quality time with your family, the bond thus created will be cherished for long. There are strong indications that family ties will improve. Acquiring vehicles may not be a problem but loss in maintaining your vehicle is indicated.

Children & Education:- This year plan your studies in a more organised way. There is a strong indication that this will be an eventful year. You can study hard and expect results to suit your efforts. Do not get distracted from the impression that the amount of input is being less. It will gradually speed up and you will rise to the occasion.

Love and Romance:- A good over all year for romancing or making good friends of opposite sex is indicated. You can propose to your love and expect suitable reply. Keeping a flirting habit may harm you over all. Just refrain from that.

Disease:- There is no indication that any serious disease catches you off guard but on the contrary you can bid farewell to some ailments which have caught on you. Enjoy food and be merry. Eat to a diet plan.

Spouse:- Do not mix love and romancing aspect of your life with the relationship you have with your spouse. This year you have to be very cautious in maintaining your relationship as small altercation can turn into bigger unmanageable events. Try some of the remedial measures so that the relationship does not turn sore.

Debt and Terminal disease:- Raising a loan from banks and the financial institution may prove to be right step but be extremely cautious in raising these loans from and individual or financer. You may soon start to feel the heat and this may not be a nice perceptive. Some disease may catch you off guard, it is good to enjoy a good nice morning walk or a Yoga session to keep diseases at bay.

Fortune:- The wheel of fortune shall follow a sinusoidal wave for you this year. Alternatively the fortune shall be gaining heights and soon afterwards it shall dip. Plan you moves very meticulously as try to gain out the highs and when it dips below keep out of game, you may not lose in that event. The months of January, March, April, July, September, October and December seems to be good for you.

Profession and Employment:- No experiment or try-outs is permitted in this year to the Sagittarius. It is suggested to consolidate on the earlier standings. Any Job change can spell disaster, if due care is not initiated before hand. Luring for change may come your way but it will not benefit but on the contrary it will spell disaster.

Profits:- Just follow your intuitive self and do not speculate much. Fair amount of profit is indicated this year for you. The profits should be rightly invested as not capitalizing on the earned gain is indicated.

Losses: - Saturn can make you pay for the deeds you have not done. Avoid the company of people who get into altercation easily. You can spoil your earnings on trivial issues to which you did not intend to become a party. Any nagging ailment or pain should be left for nature for cure, go consult the Doctor.

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Sagittarius Forecast 2011

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