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Have you thought about spring-cleaning your relationship? Looking after a family can be exhausting and, by the time the kids are in bed, all you want to do is enjoy your favourite soap opera or soak in a relaxing bath of bubbles! Of course, you rarely get chance to do either of these things due to the over-flowing basket of ironing or the sink full of washing up! So, how do you get to spend quality time with your partner? Here are a few ideas to help you to put the sparkle back into your relationship.

Kiss Your Partner Goodbye!

Between the kids' demands, the breakfast chaos and the school run preparations, it's easy to forget to say "goodbye" to your partner as he leaves for work! Try to take time out of your hectic routine to give him a kiss and hug goodbye, and wish him a good day.

When he returns, try not to bombard him with all the domestic duties that need attending to or shout at him for leaving his dirty socks on the bedroom floor for the third time this week! Instead, greet him with a kiss and ask about his day. Take a few moments to share the highlights of the day and listen to what each other has to say.

Remember, children observe everything you do. Greeting each other in a positive way will offer them security by helping them understand that their parents enjoy a healthy, respectful relationship.

Enjoy a Child Free Weekday Treat!

If you both work, arrange a few mid-week holidays but don't cancel your usual childcare arrangements. Spend this time together doing the things you used to enjoy before you had your family. Benefit from a walk in the country; go to the cinema; enjoy a special lunch or spend a lazy day at home. The choice is yours but make sure you spend the day together!

Hide the Remote Control...

The routine on weekday nights can become very monotonous - you make tea, put the kids to bed and turn on the TV. Watching television may sound like a good way to chill out but it won't do your relationship much good. For a start, you probably won't even speak to each other once you're absorbed in the latest TV drama!

For a minimum of two nights a week, hide the remote control before your partner comes home. Then suggest doing something else instead. Perhaps you could dim the lights, enjoy a glass of wine and TALK! You could even take advantage of an early night to recharge your batteries.

Go On A Weekly Date!

"Ha! Impossible!" I hear you cry. How on earth can you squeeze in a weekly date - and who will look after the kids on a school night? Staying in is the new going out. Choose one night a week to enjoy a meal together when the children are in bed. Order a takeaway, light some candles and use your best crockery. Make yourselves feel special without leaving your front door. Make sure this is scheduled into your weekly routine and look forward to this special treat!

Say "I Love You"

You probably tell your children all the time but it is easy to take your partner for granted. Saying you love each other will strengthen your relationship and help you feel good about yourselves.

It's also good practice to remind each other of all the reasons you are together. Reminisce about what attracted you to each other all those years ago - it might be the same thing that makes your stomach flip now, or simply something that puts a smile on your face. Either way, it's worth a giggle together!

Nurturing and paying attention to your relationship will help you to enjoy a healthy, prosperous future together! Try these tips out and see how your relationship improves!

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Revolutionise Your Relationship

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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