Respect Your Partner Unless You Want To Ruin Your Relationship

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Mutual respect is one of the basic elements which makes a successul relationship. Unless you want to involve in an unwholesome relationship, never insult and limit your criticism as well as complaints. Of course you also think of this but can't walk the talk because sometimes you can not control your emotions. But let's calm down and rethink sensibly, whether you have improved the issues or made it worse by throwing that bad words to your partner?


You are in a relationship, you are an equal partner in you relationship, as you both have an equal responsibility for making your relationship work, why is it that some people cannot refrain from criticizing, complaining and condemning. There are some people that worship the sound of their own voice, who are never wrong and theirs is the only opinion that matters, they must lead very empty lives. If you want to lead a loving, healthy and fulfilling relationship then do not criticize, condemn or complain.


You were drawn to your partner initially because you liked how they looked and then because of the unique individual that they are. They came to the relationship with their own histories, ways of thinking and ways of doing things. Just because your partner does not agree with you or does not do things just so, does not mean that they are wrong, if anyone is, it could be you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and even if you do not agree with them you should respect them.


Everyone makes mistakes, even you do, but that is no reason wasting time calling attention to your partners mistakes. It makes you look small and petty and is no way to build a healthy relationship. If anything this kind of behaviour will highlight the differences between you and your partner. If it goes on for long enough then you will lose any sense of intimacy that you have in the relationship, and ultimately you will drift apart.


There will be times where you want to bring a problem to your partners attention but find it difficult not to make it sound like a criticism. It could be something that they were completely unaware of or they might have done something unintentionally to you, to suddenly accuse them is only going to make them defensive and probably spark of a long and pointless argument. Never play the blame game, do not rant on about their wickedness, instead make the point of how a problem affects you. People when criticized tend to automatically go on the defensive, so think before you speak, is there a better way that you could handle the situation?


Do Not Criticize, Condemn Or Complain. Sometimes that is easier said than done, because someone somewhere is virtually guaranteed to take exception to what you say or do, even if you have only the best of intentions at heart.


Criticism is always divisive and destructive, it serves no useful purpose whatsoever. Whilst those that complain will moan about something, have you noticed that they will never do anything about the problem that they are so kindly bringing to your attention. Do they have any interest in maintaining an equal relationship or do they rather have all the benefits and leave you to do all the work. Each partner in the relationship has an equal responsibility for making the relationship work, if one of you reneges on you responsibilities then how committed are they to the relationship, in this kind of relationship, do you in fact have a relationship?


Trust is one of the main foundations of a healthy relationship, if you cannot trust or have any faith in your partner then at best you have an unhealthy relationship. There are too many people who find it easy to be critical, but fail to consider the consequences of their actions. When you are constantly critical of your partner you betray their faith in you and you betray your relationship, you partner will view you as someone who is disloyal and an unhealthy negative influence.


If you criticize, condemn or complain on a regular basis then you waste your life, which in itself is bad enough but for me what is worse is that you waste your partners. Both partners are each others unconditional guarantee of help and support, your are supposed to be each others best friends, you should be sharing your lives and taking pleasure in your time together, not making your lives a misery. Those who are regularly critical seem to amass a vast stockpile of faults, it makes me wonder if all their bluster is not some kind of defence mechanism to try and deflect attention from their own faults. If you have problems then talk about them rationally and calmly, one at a time, when your partner talks listen and do not interrupt, find a compromise or solution that you are both happy with, and if your are at fault, then apologise.


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Respect Your Partner Unless You Want To Ruin Your Relationship

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This article was published on 2010/07/30
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