Relationship Problems - Top 2 Relationship Problems That Revolve Around Jealousy

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Relationship problems in general always stem or are a by product of a larger perhaps not as obvious root cause. The root cause of our relationship problem needs to be identified otherwise we will always be applying a band aid where stitches were probably necessary.

I have found the most notorious relationship problems usually revolves around some form of jealousy but they definitely all revolve around communication or the lack there of. This is a very common relationship problem however jealousy isn't always sexual in nature. Jealousy manifests itself in many ways and the not so obvious forms are actually worse.

Here are the 2 most common forms of jealousy...


It is not uncommon as an example for a man or women to be jealous of their partner's success making them urn for their own sense of accomplishment.

The above situation can lead to bitter feelings and ultimately severe a pair bond if it is not diagnosed and dealt with. This form of jealousy can easily be overcome if and only if these feelings are brought out into the open.

This is a common relationship problem within Hollywood, countless actors and actresses end up breaking up because of this form of jealousy. One party gets great roles and the other ends up in the shadow feeling betrayed and usually ends up leaving the relationship to re-claim their independence; it's no different in the real world folks.

In today's world of technology it isn't that hard to start a home based business or further your education without even leaving your home office. This is really not a relationship problem unless it is ignored, then it become a big one.


Another relationship problem that exists today is one that revolves around health and beauty. It is not un-common to see one party within a relationship become healthy and fit while the other remains the same. Many people simply let themselves go once they are in a secure relationship, this can become a real problem when one breaks out of that box and the other doesn't.

The person that changes their life for the better is always going to have a new sense of enlightenment; they are going to noticeably change in many ways. It is very important for both people within the relationship to understand this at the onset of such an exercise or diet program. The jealousy won't be nearly as bad if the other party is encouraged to join in.

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There is a book that you might want to read called The Magic of Making Up written by a gentleman named T.W. Jackson. This book is a real eye opener and it is not just for people in conflict, this is a must read for anyone looking for solid advice on relationships. His ideas are truly outside of the box but yet are still based on common sense, very different than any other book that I have read as far as relationships are concerned. Here is a short under 10 minute video where Mr. Jackson talks about the power of acceptance:

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Relationship Problems - Top 2 Relationship Problems That Revolve Around Jealousy

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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