Relationship Problems - 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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You may not believe it but almost all relationship problems can be saved, including yours! Solving relationship problems can be a hard struggle; sometimes very hard, but you can make fixing your relationship a reality today.

Unfortunately rough times in a relationship are common, with all the good times that you share, inevitably you are at some point going to experience bad times, we are only human. But it is the bad times that hit us hard, sometimes you find yourself unable to get out of the hard times, it becomes a downhill spiral.

Your probably sitting constantly going over what has gone wrong? Going wrong? Your head is buzzing with thoughts, trying your best to find a way to turn it around. Your emotions are in confused state at the moment. Clear thinking has vanished. The blame game has more than likely kicked in and you start to find faults with everything.

With so much going on your head the obvious sometimes just fades to the background. Sometimes you need some guidance.

To help you I have sourced and highlighted below the 3 most common mistakes that nearly 90% of failing relationships suffer.

So take a deep breath, calm your thoughts and see if you fit into these;

The Top 3 Biggest Mistakes

No.1 Not Sharing Pleasurable Activities

Many couples find themselves stuck in the rut of work, dinner, sleep. Only for the cycle to start again tomorrow. The quality of a relationship is determined by how well it it meets the needs of those involved in it. Having a rare meal out together and maybe the odd special night in bed together do not make a quality relationship.

Relationships need variety. Do activities together, share a hobby, share friends and families, have fun together. Spending quality time together is part of a healthy partnership.

No.2 Not Opening Up In A relationship

At the beginning and during the initial chapter of any relationship couples usually find themselves sharing their personal details and innermost thoughts with each other. This brings couples closer together and builds trust. As relationships move on this sharing can sometimes stop, and can make your partner feel shut out of your life.

Just letting your partner know what you are thinking, telling them how important they are to you can be all that is needed. Your partner is there to share your life with you, you should open up to them, don't keep your thoughts locked away.

No.3 Playing The Blame Game

Many people will never take responsibility for their actions, constantly blaming other people, things or events for their problems. This is very common in relationship breakups. Placing the blame on others never solves anything.

Any intimate relationship will suffer if one of the partners plays the blame game. With the blame game no one wins. If you know you do this stop now. Accept your flaws and mistakes. Pushing the blame onto your partner, when you both know it's your own fault will only cause more arguments. If you accept responsibility for your own mistakes the matter can be settled quickly.

These 3 mistakes are only the beginning, For much more information and guidelines head on over to How to Fix Relationship Problems. Remember, almost all relationship problems can be saved, including yours! Give Yours that second chance, because your happiness is worth it.

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The 15 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying To Rescue Their Relationship

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Relationship Problems - 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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This article was published on 2010/09/24
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