Relationship Breakup - Things That Can Restore Confidence

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When a relationship breaks down it's always a difficult time. Everybody copes with it in a different way. Sometimes it can difficult and sometimes it can be a great relief, but with both come very confused feelings. Guilt, relief, happiness, depression they probably all rear their heads in the aftermath of a breakup.

Relationship Breakup - Things That Can Restore Confidence

One of the greatest casualties of a breakup is self-confidence. Who was to blame? Who started it all? Where did we go wrong? Everything somehow conspires to put very heavy pressure on your self-confidence. It's a tough time.

The thing to remember is that whenever things are tough, they don't go on forever. In fact you can be very pro-active in shortening the tough times. When you start to think negatively or 'awfulize' as it is frequently called, switch to positive thinking. If you can start to think positively, things will improve beyond measure.

It is difficult to think positively when things are not good, but if you try and focus on the things that are positive in your life or on the people who matter to you, it will fill your mind with positive thoughts.

If you have gone through a period of great unhappiness, there is a very good chance that you will have neglected something very, very important! Often this manifests itself in you putting on weight. It's very easy when things are not going your way to let the pounds creep on. Before you know it you are much heavier than you want to be. The image you see in the mirror every morning only makes you more and more depressed and unhappy with yourself.

Probably the very last thing you want to think about when your life has been turned upside down is your weight. The mood you are likely to be in is one where you really couldn't care less about yourself. Why on earth should you concentrate on your weight? What's the point? There's a very good point. If you have something that you can concentrate on then it will take your mind off things. Why shouldn't you give yourself some attention?

Perhaps you don't want to go on a diet, but why not start to eat healthily? Try more fruit and vegetables. It will make you feel better and when you notice that you are looking better, you'll begin to feel better too... and your self-confidence will return.

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Relationship Breakup - Things That Can Restore Confidence

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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