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Being close to your parents is great, is it not? But not many people have that privilege, though, especially if you're a celebrity. Look at the relationship Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie have with their fathers. However, there are always some exceptions like in Liv Tyler's case, or even Justin Bieber's.

Justin Bieber and his mother obviously seem to have a great and smooth mother-son relationship. Pattie Mallete, Justin's mother, always accompanies her son even when he's on tour. We have to say that as a relatively young mother (as she is still in her thirties), she has done a superb job in raising Justin to be the mega star that he is today. After all, she is in fact the person who was responsible for posting the video on YouTube that finally launched him into superstardom. She's not just good in terms of marketing her son, Pattie is actually also Justin's closest confidante. Many Beliebers know how close this mother-son relationship is. This close bond might be the result of the hard times they have gone through together before Justin Bieber became a successful performer.

However, can this close relationship actually be good when it comes to dealing with business? It is not a secret that many parents of celebrities also become their children's managers. Pattie herself also acts as Justin's manager. And how does Ms. Mallette fare?

It has been reported that Justin and Pattie have had some arguments. However, Justin keeps saying how much he loves his mother and he has proven that by appearing with his mother on some occasions. However, Justin's now a teenager, and there are thousands of beautiful fans screaming out his name where ever he goes. And of course, as a teenage boy, he started developing feelings for girls. Justin has been quite close to some girls like Jasmine Villegas and also her current girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The bad news is, according to some rumors, Pattie has not approved any of his relationships with these girls. But the rumor is just a rumor, because obviously Selena followed Justin during his recent Asia tour. It is impossible for Pattie not to approve his son's relationship, while at the same time letting Selena tag along with them during the tour. Despite all the gossips, it seems that the artist-manager relationship between Justin Bieber and Pattie Mallette also goes smoothly. Every child must at least have had some arguments with their parents once in a while, right?

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Pattie Mallete - Justin Bieber Mom

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Pattie Mallete - Justin Bieber Mom

This article was published on 2011/08/05