My Wife Walked Out on Me and I Want Her Back - What Can I Do?

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To those Guys that have been in a long-term and loving marriage, you're probably very aware of the pain or fear of losing your Wife forever. We all hope this day will never come, but for some of us it becomes a reality. Your Wife leaves you and you're literally a mess. You love her very much and find yourself wondering how you can get her back. Well, let's take a look at what you can do to get your wife back in your arms after she walks out on you.

Since I don't know you personally, I can't say what caused the break up exactly, but I can say that it was either in the making for a long time, or it happened rather quickly. If the idea started some time ago, then it's likely that something in the relationship has been missing for a while. If the split happened quickly, then it's likely something happened or more specifically someone did something wrong that put the brakes on the relationship. In either case, your first step should be the same.

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The first thing you need to realize is that things change. I'm not saying that to be negative, but more so you can understand what happened. Look, you both did love each other once. You got married, so I assume there was love between you and your Wife. If you did something to cause a change in feelings or time itself caused a change in feelings it's likely because something changed. For example, if you screwed up and cheated on her, well that's what changed. Now, if you're not aware of any issue in the relationship, then something else changed.

You need to identify what changed in your relationship. The cheating example was easy, but it's the unknowns that need some serious thought. Think back at when you first met. What made you happy then, and what made her happy? Think back to when you got married. What made you both happy? Look back at love notes or birthday cards, Valentines Day cards, etc. What did she write about you? It should offer a clue on what made her happy.

Once you identify what faded in your relationship you need to make a plan on how to get it back. When you're confident that you have a workable plan, then you can make your move and try to make first contact with your Wife. Explain to here that you've missed her and that has caused you to think about all the things you've been missing out on lately. Then identify what's faded in the relationship and your plan on how you're going to get it back.

If your problem is beyond this or you just want an expert to help you get your wife back quickly then you may want to look into an online relationship guru that's experienced in reconnecting couples.

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My Wife Walked Out on Me and I Want Her Back - What Can I Do?

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This article was published on 2010/09/30
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