Mistakes in the Breakup

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A lot of confusion and bad emotions fly around you during a breakup. You may not know exactly what is going on, but one thing for sure is that you want to get past this and get your ex back! Let’s see these very common mistakes people often make  to realize and save your relationship.



There are many different things you can do that really hurt your chances to get your ex back. Although there are many different mistakes, three of them stand out above the rest as being the most common. Do not worry if you have already made these mistakes though; you can still get your ex back even if you have made the mistakes, but try to avoid these from here on out.


The first big mistake is simply feeling sorry for yourself. You sit around all day thinking about how much you want to get your ex back, but don't really do anything to make it happen. It is very easy to become sad and lonely and want to lock yourself inside you house... but the process requires you to stop being like this. If you want to get your ex back you are going to have to keep living your life!


A second very common mistake is Drunken Dialing. Everyone knows how this goes; it's late, you're lonely, you had some alcohol... you know calling your ex is a bad idea but you do it anyway. You will regret this in the morning, if not sooner! This is big problem when trying to get your ex back. A lot of emotions will come out and you will most likely say something you did not want to say or did not mean to say. Plus you will just make yourself look silly when you should be making yourself look better.


The next one is pleading. You completely understand how much you need to get your ex back, and you just know that you can talk some sense into your ex and make him or her realize it too. It does not work like this. People generally hate being talked into things; we love to make decisions on our own though. Rather than blatantly begging to get your ex back, you are going to have to take action that makes them decide on their own that they want you back!


As I said earlier, do not get upset if you have already made one, two, or even all of these mistakes. They are very common! With the right plan and guidance, we can get you out of the hole you are in and get your ex back in your arms in no time!


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Mistakes in the Breakup

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This article was published on 2010/04/28
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