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Just know that there is always an expiration date on this type of maneuver. Don’t try to get back together with her after three days, after that you just look like a dumb schmuck. Also, you need to know that clich?s like flowers and candy will not work. Getting your ex back is really hard because it’s not like getting her to go out with you in the first place. Firstly, she’s furious with you – that’s why you broke up. She’s probably holding a grudge against you, and if you don’t play your cards right, she will not be getting back together with you. Secondly, in the beginning she probably didn’t know you, but now she knows all your bad qualities. Thirdly, she’ll expect you to know all about the things she likes, loves and appreciates. You can’t play it cool in this situation, but you also can’t show more than a hint of desperation.

In order to win her back, think back to when you were first trying to romance her, what did she like to do? Now, think about activities she wanted to do that never got done, and consider planning a very romantic date around one or two of those activities. Also, make sure you have time to talk things out with her in private. Make sure that she might be able to forgive you and then show her to a wonderfully romantic time. Try to show her that you’re serious about her, that you love her, and that you’re willing to do what it takes to make your relationship work. Saying and doing are two very different things, and in this case it’s what you do that counts most.

Unless you cheated on her, abused her, or “accidentally” killed her cat, you probably have a chance to get back together with her. Otherwise get over it – you’re only hurting her by trying to get back together. Likewise, know when to cut your losses: if she’s not responding after three big romantic gestures, or she’s with someone else, stop trying to win her back. At that point she might be getting a restraining order against you.

Basically you want to show her (and maybe the world) how much you and appreciate her. Try to make the reconciliation on neutral territory so she doesn’t feel threatened by you. Don’t scrimp on her, and make sure you have the time for her. The whole point is to make her understand how important she is to you. Unless you want to get back together with a gold digger, you need to try to win her back with gestures from the heart. That’s why you need to spend the time more than the money in order to win her back.

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Men Dating Tips – How To Get A Girlfriend Back

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This article was published on 2010/10/28
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