Make Him Fall in Love - 4 Tips For Winning His Heart

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Maybe you have seen this certain guy around and you think you are falling in love with him. But, you are wondering how to make him fall in love? How do you go about winning his heart? You catch him taking sly glances at you, but he has never approached you. If that is the case, maybe he just needs a little more encouragement. Here are a few time tested and proven to be effective tips that you can use to light his fire.

1. Grab His Eyes And Hold Them.

The next time you catch him giving you that sly glance, move closer to him. He will sense you being there and he will turn to look. That's when you look straight into his eyes and give him your biggest smile. Then slightly touch his arm and ask him if he said something to you. If he stammers no. Say, well would you like to say something to me? You have opened things up for him and that could start a very interesting conversation.

2. Exude Confidence.

You have already shown some confidence in beginning the conversation. Keep it up, ask about him. Tell him you have seen him around and wondered who he was. Don't talk much about yourself, keep some mystery there. This always intrigues guys. Find out his likes and dislikes. Show genuine interest, make him feel good, but don't linger too long. Tell him you must be going, but make sure he knows how to contact you.

3. Don't Be Too Available.

The first time he calls, tell him that you are glad he called but he caught you at a bad time, you were just going out and you are going to be busy for a couple of nights but encourage him to call back. Don't over do it. You don't want him to think that you were just waiting for his call but you don't want to discourage him either. It might be good to ask for his number and tell him that you will call him back if it's not too late when you get home. This way you keep him on the hook and he is waiting for your call.

4. Control The Situation.

Another good thing about you controlling when and where you will meet is that it gives you time to make sure that you are going to look your best. You'll have time to visit a beauty salon and buy some new clothes if you need to. His first impression will be how you look on the outside. Your next job is to impress him with how you look on the inside. By following these tips you have a great plan to make him fall in love and winning his heart.

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Make Him Fall in Love - 4 Tips For Winning His Heart

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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