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The pain associated with the end of a romantic relationship is often referred to as a broken heart and can be almost overwhelming. Before you make the effort to learn how to fix a broken relationship there is one thing to consider, and that is whether it is worth saving or not. If the pain you experience during the relationship outweighs the pleasure then loving the person may not be enough. If you are certain you want to work things out then realize that there is hope.

Give It Some Cool Down Time

Anybody who has learned from experience how to fix a broken relationship will advise you to give it at least a month or two before you attempt to do anything. Phoning your ex right away could be the biggest mistake you can make. Early in the breakup, you are missing your ex and may still be angry with them. This may be true for your ex as well. There really is no point in trying to discuss anything until you have both had a chance to calm down and think. Worst case, if you call them right way to plead your case or act desperate you may actually push them further away.

Those who know how to fix a broken relationship know that it starts with focusing on yourself rather than your ex, even though that might sound quite selfish it's not. You need to spend a little time thinking things through. Ask yourself why the relationship ended and what you could have done differently. You should also be considering those things that made you happy about the relationship and comparing them to those that made you unhappy. This should give you an idea of whether the relationship is worth rekindling or not. In the meantime, get on with your life as best you can. Go out and socialize, get some new clothes or a haircut if it helps to heal your broken heart.

Restore Communication

After you have cooled down and thought things through, if you are still wondering how to fix a broken relationship then the next phase is to make the first few tentative steps towards restoring communication. Direct communication is best because email and texts can often be taken out of context.

First communications should be done with a phone call to test the waters and see if your ex seems willing to talk, arrange to meet up in a neutral environment. You must approach this meeting with an open mind. Tell your ex the truth about how you feel but refrain from using harsh or bitter words. You also need to be prepared to listen to what your ex has to say without judging or getting upset.

Restoring a romantic relationship is easier said than done. You can read countless articles and books that tell you how to fix a broken relationship but it won't do any good unless you are prepared to implement the suggestions that are outlined. Remember that the keys to fix a broken relationship are to allow some personal space and then initiate honest but understanding communication.
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Learn How To Fix A Broken Relationship

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This article was published on 2011/01/13
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