Is He Ready to Commit? - How to Get Him to Take the Next Step

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Unsure if your man is willing to take your relationship forward? Not sure how to ask him if he's ready? Wonder if your relationship is stuck in a rut? Well many women often feel like you when they are in long-term relationships that seem to be going nowhere. Well it's time to find out how to know if he's ready and what to do if he isn't.

If he's ready, then it's likely you've become a very permanent fixture in his life. Does he come to you first if he has a problem? Do you ever go more than one day without speaking? Do you feel like you know everything about him, the good and the bad? If a man is not comfortable in a relationship then he'll be more likely to share his problems and his frustrations with his friends or his mother.

If he's ready to make that commitment or take the relationship in a new direction, he's probably talking to you about everything in his life, including you. If he has a problem with you or something is bothering him about the relationship, a good sign that he's thinking of this in the time long term is that he comes to you first. If he is willing to come to you calmly and rationally, then it is obviously that he respects you and wants to work toward making the relationship better.

So maybe he's ready, what do you do to encourage him to pop the question? Reassure him of your affections often, make sure he knows that you love him and want to spend your life with him. Make causal remarks about your future together and where you see it going, without being overly obvious. Men like to think that they came up with the idea of marriage on their own and that it is a complete surprise to you.

But at the same time he is unlikely to pop the question if he is unsure of your answer. So give him the hints and reassurances that let him know, that whenever he's ready, your answer will definitely be yes.

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Is He Ready to Commit? - How to Get Him to Take the Next Step

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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