Insecurities and Jealousy

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Ladies are you so insecure to a point where you'll drive your man away?

Cut it out now cause those insecurities might just push the man away whereas, he won't look back. Believe me ladies, once you can tame your insecurities and jealousy, your relationship will get much better and that's the god honest truth.

Men, do you feel the need to make us feel insecure and have us get jealous and make us feel threatened when there's another woman besides us in the room? Well in a situation like this, a woman might feel jealous and get insecure for the simple fact is if you make her feel insecure and make her feel as if she's not the most important thing to you, then you're liable to have your woman ask are you cheating on me? and then that's when you'll say, my girl is crazy and she doesn't trust me. So gentlemen, if you keep shutting your woman out and not factoring her in your life in any real way then you'll keep her guessing and then that's when the insecurities and jealousy comes right in your relationship.

I know for a fact that at times I may get insecure in my relationship when it comes to my boyfriend but what can I say, my man is so hot and sexy and really gives me the goods so therefore, I don't want another woman beside him, but at times he makes me mad and jealous whereas I can't tame that and then that's when I say wreckless things that may hurt his feelings and then that's when we end up being mad at each other where we won't speak for days and weeks at a time even though we live together. I still can't figure him out at all and it scares me to death cause sometimes I feel that we may not make it as a couple cause of what I went through in my all of my past relationships. But I still have faith cause that's the key to every relationship that you're in all because you have to pray that it will work out and you can fix it.

But what causes insecurity and jealousy in ones relationship? What causes it is that for instance: A man might have cheated on his girl that one time and she happens to find out later on in the relationship. That'll cause insecurity issues because she'll forever have it play back in her head with him canoodling with another whore. So if she happens to see her man talking to another broad, then she'll think OMG, he's going to sleep with her, what should I do? Then she'll just be clueless and won't know what to do in her relationship and she'll end up faulitng him for everything and that's the god honest truth because most of the times when you're in a relationship with someone and a woman finds out that her man cheated, there's a chemical balance in our brain that will make us go crazy and have it play back in our heads. I call it that chip in your brain that tells you he's cheating on you girl! This also works that way for the guy who happened to have cheated on his girlfriend that one time where he'll have it in the back of his mind that she's cheating on him all for the simple fact that he feels guilty where the guilt is eating him alive where he won't be able to handle anything in a relationship all because he cheated.

Now what exactly is the meaning of insecurity? Insecurity means not having faith or confidence in ones relatiionship that you might have with someone.

Do you feel that insecurity will drive your man away? Absolutely, because if you constantly accuse your man of doing dirt, then he'll walk away and say damn, no matter how many times I explain it to my girl, she still accuses me and then that's when he'll make a decision such as he wants to be by himself all because you suffocated him with your jealousy.

But overall ladies, in situations like that, you must learn to tame that jealousy and insecurity of yours because in all actuality, if you keep at it with your insecurities, you'll not only drive him away, but you'll also lose more than what you gambled away in your relationship.

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Insecurities and Jealousy

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This article was published on 2011/04/09
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