How To Reconcile A Breakup – How To Win Your Ex Back ASAP

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Relationships are hard work and every so often, you got to reconcile a breakup. Meeting someone, falling in love, the whirlwind romance, falling out, and then breaking up. It’s just like a cycle. After a big break up, you step out of the box and try to see – what have I done wrong, you ask? Periodically it seems you don’t want to let go because your ex might be “The One.”

Here are some ideas for you to try before really calling it quits.

By all means, after the arguments and disappointments, it’s difficult to think straight when you are just so discontented. But one must look past the hurt and pain to see clearly what mistakes have been committed. What promises have been broken? Maybe it is not too late to reconcile a breakup. Be the bigger person and admit mistakes. Fix what seem to be ruined in the relationship – like trust or your respect with each other. Promise to change what’s needed to be amended.

To reconcile a break-up, another key is to clear the air. Open up with each other with candor, understanding and resolve not to be judgmental. Stop pointing fingers and enough with the blaming. This will just make matters worse. Instead, discuss what has been bothering you both and what might have been the cause of the issue. If time apart is needed, then give each other some space. Being away from each other for a while will help you both evaluate what has become of the relationship, of you and your lives together. After emotions have settled down, try to talk and sort out both your feelings again. You will notice how being calm gives so much better results and resolutions.

To reconcile a breakup, the most important factor is hope. Always put this in your heart so you will know how to go on and keep trying to bring the relationship back together. Nothing is more powerful than a relationship that is built around friendship. Maybe you and your ex need to go back to being friends again and get to know each other again. Bringing back that loving feeling may take some time but there is nothing wrong with being friends for a while. It might even bring back the excitement and fun in the relationship, just like when you two where starting out. Aim to be better persons after the storm.

Maybe it is also do you both good that before you totally reconcile a breakup, you and your ex should promise to be kinder to each other. Lay out all expectations and be honest to each other. What may not be achievable need to be discarded. What is reasonable in your relationship should be continued.

So there you have it. Remember, it is never easy to fix what has been broken but just like a puzzle with its pieces scattered, it will only fall into its right places if you put your heart and mind to it. It takes two to make a relationship and it takes two times more to reconcile a breakup. With patience and perseverance, these ideas will definitely work for you.

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How To Reconcile A Breakup – How To Win Your Ex Back ASAP

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This article was published on 2010/12/24
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