How To Re-Ignite The Past Love With Your Ex - 7 Tips That Won't Fail

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Do you miss the old flame that use to burn brightly between you and your ex before it started to smolder and eventually drown in the candle wax of your broken heart?

If the above melodramatic sentence caught your attention you probably could use these seven tips on how to re-ignite the past love with your ex. Believe it or not as long as you have faith in a relationship it is never doomed, you just need to figure out what the missing spark is to relight it!

Allow for space

First off all give your ex some time to cool off as well as yourself. It is best that you allow emotions to cool down before trying to get a relationship back on track otherwise resentment and lingering emotions may get in the way.

Refuse friendship

Along the same lines, if your ex wants to be friends you need to beg off. It may be hard, but friendship gives them the perks of having you in their life without the commitment,. Show them that it is you in full or nothing at all and they will have to rethink their decision.

Evaluate what went wrong

Something went wrong in your relationship or you would not be worried about reigniting the flame. 
You need to make sure that is now in the past or you will smother the flame before it can light, so take some time to think and realize you will have to make the change.

If you are not comfortable with this fact you may have to rethink how much you want your ex back.

Think about what went right 
Something went well or you never would have been with your ex in the first place. Maybe it was your eyes, your sense of humor, or something else.

Whatever trait you can identify play it up so that you know your ex notices how great you were!

Get dressed again

You have probably been slouching around since the breakup, but if you want your ex to look your way you have to look your best, which is not in your sweats!

So take some time in the morning to shower, dress properly, and do your hair again.

Leave the heartache behind

Nothing is attractive about a needy, moping person. So make a strong effort to leave your heartache at home no matter how hard it is. It will make you more desirable in the long run!

Move on temporarily

Nothing is more attractive to someone then what they cannot have. 
Giving the appearance that you are actively pursuing a new relationship puts a threat to your ex that if they do not act soon, they may not have the chance again!

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How To Re-Ignite The Past Love With Your Ex - 7 Tips That Won't Fail

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How To Re-Ignite The Past Love With Your Ex - 7 Tips That Won't Fail

This article was published on 2010/03/26
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