How to Make Your Relationship Fun and Exciting?

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Relationships start out with rainbows and butterflies and heart thumping giggles.  Sadly, those things disappear even before we know it.  Everything becomes too familiar, predictable and routine. Relationships are exciting in the beginning because they're in the getting-to-know-you phase where everything is new and exciting.  Everybody loves mysteries, secrets, delving into that unfamiliar territory.  But what do you do when the fun and excitement has lapsed your relationship?

-When you love someone, you always want to spend time with that person.  You want to do things together or just watch over each other.  But remember that too much of everything can kill a relationship.  Try spending some time apart, getaways for the weekend with friends or do just something different.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

-Stroll down memory lane.  Admit it or not fellows, we do forget important details in relationships sometimes.  Even trivial details we think are unimportant but are seemingly otherwise to our ladies.  Taking a trip down memory lane like going to your first date location, or just reliving "our firsts" can be very special and exciting not just because they help you and your partner remember important details but it can also remind you why you fell for that great person you are with today.

-If you're feeling like everything is becoming a routine then you ought to try something different.  Doing new things together can also mean discovering new things together.  Volunteering at a charity or donating blood doesn't seem like the sweetest and most romantic things to do but it is different.  Conquering new things in a relationship can only strengthen it.

- Be unpredictable and surprise her.  Keep her guessing and have surprises up your sleeve.  It makes the both of you look forward to what's going to happen next.

-This is probably one of the best advices out there especially for long-time couples and married ones - go out on dates.  Never mind if it's just a small dinner or a simple lunch out.  Make sure you go out and spend some time together where you can communicate and relax.  Make it a habit and try doing something else every time you go out on a date.

-Grow together not apart.  It's in our nature to constantly improve ourselves, and if you're with a partner, it's important that you grow together.

- Always tell her that you love her or that she is important to you. You can do it in a unique way.  You can just bluntly do it. Try being spontaneous.  If you're not the most spontaneous person on the planet, be one.  Even if just for a day. Conquer things together.  Try out new things.  It does wonders to a relationship and

-It's all about surprises.  Pay a visit at her work place.  Bring flowers and prepare lunch.  Some ladies love it when their man shows off to her friends how much she means to him.

-Make a list of things you've always wanted to do and most importantly, do them.  Stick with your goals.  Those simple goals will tell her how responsible you are.

- Give her little gifts or notes that either tell her how you feel, cute little secrets or things to cheer her up or even just funny jokes.  Little things can do big things.

Relationships require team work - a lot of it.  Any neglected ship will sink.  Talk to her regularly.  In Long distance relationships, communication is the number 1 requirement in making the relationship last.  And it goes for non-long distance relationships as well.  Don't be afraid to be romantic.  Some guys think they lose points for showing a bit of their soft side.  From time to time, it's okay.  So, try these things out and make your relationship fun and exciting.


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How to Make Your Relationship Fun and Exciting?

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This article was published on 2010/09/13
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