How to Get My Girlfriend Back? Four Simple Steps to Get Your Girlfriend Back

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These first steps to get your girlfriend back should be used as just a base to form part of an overall strategy planned to get her to return to you.

I am assuming that the events that led to the final ending of your relationship were not so destructive that you cannot get your girlfriend back.

Right from the start remember to be positive, just because you have split for the moment it does not necessarily mean it will be forever.

In these steps we will look at ways that can allow you to demonstrate to your ex (with a fine touch of delicacy) that you still desire to be a part of her life, therefore allowing you the potential to renew the romance at some future point in time.

One; Keep in touch, it is important to keep the lines of communication open, so it's ok to send a text or email message, but not too often, say once a week.

Keep the tone of the message laid back and relaxed, DO NOT under any circumstances start pleading or begging for her to return that will certainly just drive her away.

Try to make it a funny light hearted communication and therefore one that she will look forward to receiving in the future. Keeping in touch like this is a crucial part of the overall plan to get your ex girlfriend back.

Two; Do not start dating other girls straight away, if you do she assume that you are fine and have gotten over her and have moved on with your life. This is not the message we are trying to send here so try to remain celibate for a while.

Three; When you do have to mix with your ex at work or social functions with mutual friends be considerate polite and kind. Keep all contact between you to the bare minimum, and although you are going to be nice keep it business like, absolutely no physical contact!

Another way of keeping lines of communication open is to remember to send birthday Christmas and thanksgiving cards to both her and the other members of her family. Believe me she will really appreciate these gestures of friendship.

Four; After about six weeks call her up and chat to her about trivial stuff, mutual friends and family etc, ask how everyone is. Let her know you care. And that you still think about her.

Look, I know how it feels to lose the love of your life. I have been there and been through it. You can actually get your ex back if you just follow the right plan. It ain't rocket science!

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How to Get My Girlfriend Back? Four Simple Steps to Get Your Girlfriend Back

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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