How to Get Any Woman Emotionally "Addicted" to You - Using 3 Sneaky Psychology Tactics

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If you're completely clueless about what women want from men, then you'd be interested to know about the covert psychological tactics that select men know about. There exists a dating system that these men use to get women's attention. With these powerful psychological triggers, they are able to achieve results faster than the regular guys...

How To Get Any Woman Emotionally "Addicted" To You - Using 3 Sneaky Psychology Tactics

1. "Mind Games". A mind trick can effectively increase the likelihood that you're going to get your dream girl's number and email address.

Why are mind games so effective? If you're able to make a girl react to things you say, you can easily guess which emotional prompts can make her happy or sad. Control her emotions and you can bet you're going to score with her.

2. "Total Control". If you can lead your date, you can lead your relationship.

A woman feels encumbered if she has to make all the relationship decisions for you (like where to go on a date and what to do on your date). She can easily dump you if you don't take control of the way you want your relationship to go. Seriously, dude, if you want to be respected by women, you must not show weakness and you must not let her control you.

Women get frustrated when men cannot lead because the truth is, women don't want to lead the relationship. It's a man's job to stay in control, in all aspects of his relationship.

3. "Fractionation". This is a very effective psychology strategy which involves taking her through happy feelings, then sad ones (i.e. emotional roller coaster).

Through this method, you will be able to connect with her on the deeply emotional level. But beware, this underhanded tactic has made stalkers out of gorgeous women in the past. Use this only if you really want her to chase you.

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But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning...

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How to Get Any Woman Emotionally "Addicted" to You - Using 3 Sneaky Psychology Tactics

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How to Get Any Woman Emotionally "Addicted" to You - Using 3 Sneaky Psychology Tactics

This article was published on 2010/04/02
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