How To Build Trust In a Relationship

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Little jealousy sometimes enhance love relationship but over or unreasonable jealousy can ruin a relationship. Therefore, building mutual trust and belief is the key to a successful romantic relationship and avoid feelings of jealousy. Feelings of vain suspicions, fearfulness and insecurity are often resulted from lack of mutual trust.  Investing some time and effort into building trust will pay huge dividends in many areas of your relationship and in particular lessen the likelihood that you will have jealousy issues. These are some tactics to achieve trust in your relationship and eleminate the possibility of uneccessary jealousy. 


What is Jealousy

We all tend to get confused about jealousy and what it is, mistaking it for envy at times. Jealousy is markedly different from envy. And it is important that we understand this difference so as not to waste time trying to address the wrong problem. Basically jealousy involves at least three parties. One party in a relationship with another perceives that there is a threat to that relationship from a third party. Whether or not that perception is based on reality does not really matter, what matters is the perception exists.


Envy on the other hand normally involves one person wanting something that someone else has or worse, wanting another person to not having something.


Trust and Jealousy

As obvious as it may seem that the building of trust will lessen the likelihood that jealousy will be a problem in a romantic relationship, it is surprising how we tend to take trust for granted. We would like to believe that trust just happens as long as there are no circumstances requiring mistrust. However trust has to be built over time in a relationship if it is to be really meaningful and be a bulwark against suspicions, apprehension and jealousy itself. The more work that is done to build trust, the less likely it will be that the problem of jealousy will take root in a romantic relationship.


Some Strategies for Building Trust


  • Communicate, communicate, and communicate. Communication does not equal talking. Communication means actually having a conversation and sharing. A lack of real communication in a relationship tends to build distance between the parties and the more distance there is the more likelihood that there will be misunderstandings and even suspicions.


  • Share your plans, share what you are doing with your life, share your aspirations. If you trust someone to share at this level then the trust will most likely be reciprocated. Reciprocation of trust can only result in a stronger bond in the relationship.


  • Share your principles about life in general. This is probably one of the most powerful ways to really build trust in a relationship. Sharing your principles means you will have to talk about your values and what those values mean to you. If you allow someone to get to know you at this level and vice versa, in a setting such as a romantic relationship then the environment it bound to be enriched with a high level of trust and respect.


  • Walk the talk. Allow your spouse to experience you living out your principles as much as possible. Cease on opportunities in the relationship to demonstrate these principles. This makes the relationship even more authentic and seems a safer place to be.


While there is no guarantee that jealousy issues will never crop up in your relationship, applying simple, common-sense strategies like those above can go a long way in preventing jealousy from ever become a real problem for you and your spouse. Your relationship deserves no less.


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How To Build Trust In a Relationship

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This article was published on 2010/07/28
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