How To Be Fair With Your Girlfriend

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Why do most men fail to find a perfect and lasting relationship with women? Well, simple: Mean thinks they are superior and that they should go on with their male ego.

This is exactly why they are not finding the perfect relationship, not because they are not lucky enough with women, but because they think all the way wrong.

Most men are not fair when it comes to having relationships with women. They always thought that the deciding person is always them. They do not even think of how their girlfriends would think and react of the decision.

On the other hand, this very perspective and thought of men is just natural. Since the day of civilization, men are always regarded in society as the major providers and protectors of their families and even communities. They are the dominant gender all along. This very responsibility is natural for men.

With women, the main responsibility is to take care of their men and be able to provide everything they needed in the first place. But then again, things change and behaviors evolve. There is now a feeling and change in the responsibilities of every gender.

Women now are more dependent and aggressive. They wanted to be treated also as equals and fairness to them these days is very important, most especially in relationships. For them, a string and reasonable relationship should include en being fair to them on some levels of things.

Giving up some of that power is not at all inferiority and defeat.

You have to still give in to what your woman wants and be patient of the things she will give in return. If your woman finds you fit and desirable by taking care of her and also considering her feeling and thoughts most of the time, then you will have better chances of going into a serious and lasting relationship.

Do not ever argue with her if you think you would just lose. If you have some thoughts of the problem or situation, you have to open it with seriousness and feelings. Show her that you also got feelings and you wanted to fix the problem for the sake of your relationship.

Women can be just hard to please in some days, but they still got a kind heart. Understand your woman and know what she needs and wants in your relation. Show her that she is more important than anything else and all you wanted s a lasting and string relationship with her. Good luck!
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How To Be Fair With Your Girlfriend

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This article was published on 2010/10/29