How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back?

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So she left you and now you are trying to figure out how "can I get my girlfriend back?" But, it could be the wrong move for both of you. You should spend time looking at both sides of that issue. It might be that doing so could create lots of emotional issues for both of you.

Let's use the "Ben Franklin" method of making a decision. Make two lists. The first list will contain all the reasons why you should try to 'get my girlfriend back'. The second list will be all the reasons why you should not put yourself or her through that process.

On the list for, you must write down all the reasons it's her that you need.

On the list against, be very honest and list every reason why the two of you shouldn't be together. What kinds of negative feelings does she bring out in you? How does she make you feel in general? You have to be completely honest with your list building to make this work for you.

Whichever list is longest is the action you probably should pursue.

If without doubt you've decided the two of you should be together, now comes the 'sale'. You must figure out how to convince her to see it your way. You may think it's a great idea but she may throw rocks at it! It's going to be a masterful job of selling on your part.

Your best approach will be face-to-face and present all the reasons why you feel it's right, but you must be a negotiator. She'll have a few reasons why it's not right, but depending on your willingness to meet her at least half way, you two can probably work through it.

The tough part is, if she has made up her mind that she wants nothing to do with you, you're simply dead-in-the-water. At that point it is probably a wise decision to leave it alone and let her have space. Give time a chance to work some magic. Spend time working on becoming the guy she'd want.

It's possible that she is ready to head off in a different direction, and perhaps that's the best approach for you as well. The question 'can I get my girlfriend back' may be a tough one to deal with but don't let that ruin your life. Rise up above it and move on.

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How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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