How can Facebook Destroy a Relationship?

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Today more and more people are using sites like Facebook to communicate with as many acquaintances, either in their own town or in another country. However, they do not always realize the impact that such sites may have on their relationship, for example, a seemingly small thing such as changing the status of a relationship can have a great impact.

What is it all about? On Facebook you have the option to specify on your profile that you are single, married, in relationship, or your situation is complicated.  Imagine the situation: You meet someone new, you are impressed by this person, you start to go out with this person, you add this person on facebook and you can see his/her page and he/she yours - and, almost as soon as you start to go out with this person, you happily change your status and made it visible to all that you are not single anymore. And the person with whom you are in relationship will see this, and doesn’t like this, perhaps even breaks up with you.

What's the problem? The fact that your page is available to everyone on Facebook that are your FB friends - say that it is a hundred people. And, as soon as you met someone and started to go out with this person, you have in front of hundreds of people said that you are in a relationship (think about excited teenager girl who, after her first date tell all her friends a story that she has a boyfriend, and that friends, multiply by twenty). For that person it might be too fast, because he/she could think that two or three dates are not relationship, and even less that, so early, the whole thing should be known by hundreds of people. That one foolish gesture could seriously jeopardize what could otherwise be very nice.

Another option: Info on your page says that you are in relationship, because you are in relationship for some time. And then, you get angry at the person with whom you are in relationship, or you want to break up with this person, and on your page you change this relationship mark so that now you are single. It acts as a small thing, but it's like that in front of hundreds of people you post that you broke up - and before you say it to this person. It is definitely, a bad idea.

So, slow down with this habit. There are those who like to regularly report their activities trough Facebook, but remember that these data are available to a relatively large number of people, so what is still private and uncertainty should be retained to yourself, and not all the details of private life made available to everyone that are your Friends on Facebook (often there are the various business associates, for the sake of faster contact with them). The thing that you have just started to go out with someone new or that you are angry at the person with whom you are in relationship should not be said immediately to all of them.

The habit of regular reporting of activities trough Facebook is the reason why more and more people searching the way to block Facebook and asking themselves: How to block Facebook?

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How can Facebook Destroy a Relationship?

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How can Facebook Destroy a Relationship?

This article was published on 2011/06/02
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