Guideline for your Relationship Breakup

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There are many ways to heal your breakup although it’s very hard. You can’t let your time moping around and be miserable. Instead, you have to heal your injuries, make distance with your ex and change yourself for the better. Below are some guideline for you.



First of all, deal with your heartache. Yes, you're in pain and you're hurting over the lost of your loved one but wearing your pain on your sleeve won't help bring back the love of your life. Instead, you have to deal with your heartache and find happiness from within. Meditate, journal and do what you have to do to be happy again. After all, no one is attracted to a sad and melancholy person. People want to be around those that make them feel good about themselves so if you do this, you're sure to attract their attention.


Second, stay away from your ex. Although you may feel desperate to make contact with your ex right now, it is better for you to stay away. If you continue to call and send love notes to your ex, they'll see your neediness as desperation, manipulation and obsessive behavior. Your actions will persuade them that they made the right decision leaving you. On the other hand, if you distance yourself, they'll be impressed that you can make it on your own. They'll see your strength and may even be more attracted to you.



Third, make time for you. Deliberately pursue your own interests with a passion. Partners are attracted to those who put their own needs first. So, if you really want your ex back, you have to take care of your health and your happiness before you can take care of anyone else's. If you don't, you'll have low self esteem and will feel intense resentment. For instance, when Bill first met Nancy, he talked about going to college and becoming a teacher. He was ecstatic about the future. However, after the birth of their kids, money was tough and he sought a job as a construction worker. There just never seemed to be the time or finances to pursue his dreams. As such, he lost his ambitiousness and zest for life. This caused a huge rift in their relationship and led to their separation. After their relationship ended, Bill regrouped. He started putting himself first. He went to college and started pursuing his degree. He also started taking better care of himself and once again Nancy was attracted to him. They soon reconciled.


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Guideline for your Relationship Breakup

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This article was published on 2010/04/22
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