Getting Your Ex Back - A Logical Approach

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The breakup has happened. Either one of you may have done the dumping, but it still hurts both parties none the less. You think about the good times, the bad times and the absolutely wonderful times. You think about what had gone wrong and what you could have done to change the course of time. You think about what your ex had done in order to make the breakup happen as well. All in all, your head and emotions are in turmoil; confusion has set in as well as the inevitable feelings of loneliness. Then you wonder "How can I get my ex back?"

Getting your ex back can be a fairly simple process or a very difficult one at best. The circumstances of a breakup are always different and there are always two sides to a story. The main thing you need to focus on at this point in time is how to get your ex back into your life.

Tell him or her that you still love them and would like to get together to brainstorm some ways to make the relationship better. Asking for a second chance is not a bad thing. But do it only once. If she or he doesn't want to listen to you, it means that you will have to use different approach. It doesn't mean that getting your ex back is impossible!

Sometimes a breakup happens because the other felt they were being taken for granted and they feel as if the only way to get the other party to see they were being serious is to end the relationship. Most often, the other party just wants to be recognized as a human being with needs, wants and feelings.

Which brings me to the next point: Make sure you are listening to your ex with an open mind and open heart. Don't take his or her suggestions as a personal attack; understand that relationships are teamwork and communication driven. If you close down the lines of communication early on within a discussion, the whole conversation will be pointless and both parties will be back to square one with the breakup. Frustration and pity will completely undermine all attempted relationship repair on both parties.

Getting your ex back is not going to happen overnight. A thing such as this does take plenty of time and patience. Don't expect to be back to the way things were just because the two of you had a good talk. Trust and respect is now being reinstated in your relationship with your ex. If you keep feeding trust and respect, the relationship will blossom in no time and both of you will become closer as a couple.

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Why is getting your ex back so important to you? Because a good relationship is one of the most treasured of human interactions. We all want to be loved. There are the great times together, the shared dreams and visions, the mutual likes and dislikes and more. Great relationships are essential for enjoying a good quality of life. They color everything else around us.

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Getting Your Ex Back - A Logical Approach

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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