Fixing a Broken Relationship Is Not Impossible!

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Fixing a broken relationship isn't impossible, but it will be a challenge.  How much of a challenge will depend on a small number of things.

One of the first things that will feature in how you should go about fixing a broken relationship is why the relationship is in difficulty in the first place.  Is your relationship broken because of unfaithfulness?  If so, was it you or your partner that cheated?  This type of relationship can be fixed but it is the hardest thing to triumph over and both partners have to be willing to work very hard to make things right.

With unfaithfulness it would seem like the partner who cheated would have to do all the work, but that isn't really the case.  The truth of the matter is that it will take just as much work for the person who was cheated on to try to conquer their fear of being hurt again, their mistrust of their partner, as well as their anger and desire for vengeance.

If your relationship has broken down more steadily over time, fixing a broken relationship will be easier to repair.  Of course, it will still take time and work and you both will need to be 100% devoted to working on it.  Many relationships in this category die like a plant in the desert, from lack of nurturing.  It's not usually a big thing that ends it but rather a series of diminutive, apparently unimportant, things that will weaken the relationship to the point where it will fracture very easily. 

This type of relationship will take an honest evaluation of what each of you has done, or not done, to deteriorate the relationship.  Once you've both admitted the part you've played in the collapse of the relationship, at least to yourself, it's time to sit down with your partner and frankly discuss what went wrong, what you think needs to be done to make it right, as well as what you personally are willing do to when fixing a broken relationship.

This part of the development will be very difficult and will often lead to some dreadful fights.  Why? Because this is the part where you will have to listen to your partner tell you why they aren't happy with you.  This won't be easy for you to hear.  And the same goes for your partner when it's your turn to talk.  Very often one partner won't be able to deal with what they see as condemnation when their partner is trying to explain why they aren't happy.  Once that happens it will often end up in a screaming match and nothing will be accomplished.

This is the point where you, and your partner, will need to mature. If neither one of you is able to calmly listen to your partner while they try to explain what has made them unhappy in the relationship you won't have any probability at all of working things out.

Fixing a broken relationship isn't impossible, but it will take work.  If you or your partner isn't able to be mature and face your faults and be willing to work on changing them then you will have a much more difficult time of fixing your broken relationship.

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Fixing a Broken Relationship Is Not Impossible!

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This article was published on 2010/10/20
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