Do Couples Get Back Together After A Break - Tips on Getting Back Together After Break Up

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Do Couples Get Back Together After A Break

There are many reasons why people break up. There are many reasons why people stay broken up, just as there are many reasons why people get back together.

What are your reasons for getting back together after a break up?

If you are afraid to be lonely or that you won't meet anyone else - stop and rethink your decision, because you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Sometimes our ex partner or our family tries to "manipulate" us into giving the relationship a second chance. I can tell you only one thing - if the love is over, pity or material advantages are not a strong base, where new relationship can be built.

However, if you still love and care a lot about your ex boyfriend/girlfriend, it is absolutely normal to try to save this relationship.

You should start by apologizing for mistakes you have done in the past. Do not promise to change or never to repeat those mistakes again. It sounds unrealistic and unconvincing. Prove that you mean it by your actions! Make something unexpected to get your ex's attention back. For example, you can surprise the person that you love with an original gift. If you have troubles coming up with any ideas for the gift, there is always Internet to help you. Do Couples Get Back Together After A Break

Even if you are the one to blame for the breakup do not forget about your dignity. Do not humiliate yourself by begging, whining or threatening. This makes you look miserable and weak in the eyes of your ex. Weakness and misery are not appealing, on the contrary, they are repulsive.

Show your beloved one that you are trying to make yourself feel better by staying busy, doing sports, meeting friends or reading motivational books. Try to change things that your former boyfriend/girlfriend complained about. By doing that you will prove with your actions that you are willing to change and putting extra effort in saving this relationship already.

If you feel that a person you want to get back with wouldn't mind to go out with you, call him/her and offer to drink a cup of coffee. Do not discuss any of the serious topics. Keep the conversation neutral. Make your ex feel comfortable and relaxed. Pay attention to his/her words and body language. Make sure that the person you want to win back is having fun in your company. If you will be able to achieve that, consider half work done. Everything else depends on your persistence and desire to get back together. Don't screw it up! Do Couples Get Back Together After A Break

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Do Couples Get Back Together After A Break - Tips on Getting Back Together After Break Up

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This article was published on 2010/09/29
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