Discover 4 Steps To Finding Your Perfect Soul Mate

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It seems the world is becoming a lonelier place. The number of people who are single has doubled over the last 40 years and these figures are expected to continue rising. So why are people finding it so difficult to stay in a relationship?

A key factor is how modern society is changing and how different we are living compared to past generations. In the past people would usually marry someone in the local area. The the world has become a much smaller place with air travel and the Internet giving us the opportunity to meet millions of potential soul mates.

Even though we have more choice there are more people still single. So much choice is part of the problem because it makes it more difficult to settle for one person when there are so many to choose from. It is the greener on the other side of the fence syndrome. More choice also makes us focus on the superficial qualities of potential partners rather than on the qualities that are conducive to a long term relationship. Another factor is that many single people limit their circle of friends with people of similar interests, and this can be limiting options to meet new people.

All these factors combined play an important role in keeping people stuck in the single trap. However, there are ways to break free from the chains of being single. Follow these steps to find out how.

Evaluating Previous Relationships
With each relationship break up a valuable lesson can be learned. However, many people tend to ignore these lessons and just steamroll into the next relationship wondering why the same thing keeps happening. The worst thing anyone can do after a breakup is to go straight into a new one. This becomes a recipe for a disaster because the same mistakes are not learned they are just repeated. On average it takes up to two years for a person to recover from a serious relationship. This cooling off period is essential to give ourselves time to re-evaluate where things went wrong.

Time to Heal
The sense of loss from a broken relationship can be a very traumatic experience that is both emotionally and physically draining. Therefore, take time out to recuperate, repair the damage and get your mind in the right order. This is a very important process because to move forward with your life you need to feel good on the inside.

Avoid Over Protection
Many of us do not realize that the way we cope with being single can actually harm our chances of finding someone new. Rather than feel the pain of being hurt again we surround ourselves with trusted friends that act as our comforters and protectors so that outsiders cannot reach us. Friendships are important for support at this time however, you need to evaluate if your using your friendships for the right reasons.

Making a Fresh Start
After a period of mourning your loss you need to break free and discover new horizons. Try and avoid dating or any situation that forces you into a relationship as these will be short-lived. You have a better chance of finding your soul mate by not actually looking for one. Sounds strange but true. It is far better to seek social situations where dating is not involved such as going to dance classes, taking part in sporting events or any event that you have an interest in and where groups of people are involved. Even if you do not meet someone directly, you will probably be recommended to someone as your social network expands.
By not forcing yourself to look for a new partner you will be far more relaxed and happier inside which will help you attract someone similar.

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Discover 4 Steps To Finding Your Perfect Soul Mate

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This article was published on 2010/09/24
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