Building And Upholding Trust - Fundamentals Of a Relationship

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Rarely could you have a relationship with someone without trust. If so, your relationship must have been pretty burdensome that distresses instead of entertaining both parties. Likewise, you are almost unable to live with someone without trust for a long time. Trust is one of the fundamentals of an everlasting, wholesome relationship. Initially, it appears to be quite easy to set up mutual trust in a relationship. Things come to be problematic once trust is broken down. Because trust is vulnerable, once you lose it, it's hard to completely recover. If you really want to maintain and build trust in a relationship then you need to be totally open and honest with each other, for the rest of your time together, not everyone can do that and sadly not everyone wants to do that.


If you say that you will do something, then do it. It may sound pretty basic but it is fundamental to building trust, essentially what you are saying is that I give you my word that I will do this. It might be for something as simple as taking as taking the trash out, but if you do not do it after giving your word that you will then it knocks a bit of trust away. Once in a while people do forget, we are only human, in that case regain the ground that you lost by taking responsibility for your actions and apologizing. If you are in a situation where you will be unable to do something because of having to work, being stuck in traffic and what have you, then let your partner know and do not close your eyes and hope that your partner has forgotten. For those who are tempted to come up with creative explanations please remember that your body language will probably give you away, your partner will notice this and their trust in you will diminish. If you keep, "forgetting" to do things then you are showing that you are not serious about the relationship, that you do not treat your partner with respect and that your word is worthless.


Everyone gets into a routine. For example Joe works Monday to Friday, he leaves the house at 8 in the morning and is back by 6. On the weekends he spends some time with his wife and kids and meets up with friends on a Saturday night for a few drinks. Joe has a wife called Josephine, she knows his routine and what to expect. Then all of a sudden he has to start working late and working weekends, he takes more care of his image, he starts getting back home in the early hours of the morning. Josephine, strangely enough, is suspicious at this break from what is normal. Suspicion if left unchecked is a terrible thing that can poison an individuals mind and wreck a relationship. Any deviation from what is predictable can if repeated often enough destroy trust in you. If your routine is set to change then do the courteous thing and let your partner know. People continually change and if there is something where you are likely to have a significant change from the norm then tell your partner.


You need to give your partner a reason to trust you so share your lives with them. Now in a loving, healthy, fulfilling relationship, communication plays a major part in forging a connection between you and keeping it strong. When you share your day, your hopes, your dreams and your emotions you are giving your partner the key to who you are, this shows that you trust them and that more than anything will really build trust between you.


When you have problems then work at them together to find a compromise or solution that you are both happy with. Do not try and point score of each other, you are equal partners with equal responsibilities for making your relationship work. Show that you care about what happens to you both and take whatever actions you need to help your relationship.


To build trust in a relationship you need to accept your partner for who they are, they are who you fell for so do not try to change them into something that they are not. Realize and accept that your partner as a separate individual will have their own opinions and even if you do not agree with them, still treat them with respect. Do not keep secrets from each other, nothing will destroy a relationship as quickly as one or both of you having secrets. Living a lie is not a healthy way to live and your body language will give you away. Be open and honest with your partner and as your relationship grows then so will your trust for each other.


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Building And Upholding Trust - Fundamentals Of a Relationship

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This article was published on 2010/07/19
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