Build an Affair Proof Marriage

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Making a relationship stronger is what every couple should do. They need to build an affair proof marriage in order to protect the interest of those in the relationship and their structure as a family. Their interest is more important than those factors that are risk to destroy them. That is one action that couples should do.


The following are tips on how to build an affair proof marriage.


  • Addictive Substance – is one thing that is prone to destroy a relationship. If your husband is doing this, then find ways for him to stop it before it's too late.
  • Know your Friends – getting to know the people around your partner is important. This way you can establish trust to your partner and their friends.
  • Continue Courting – when you get married, it doesn't mean that pleasing your partner have to stop. This is one way to spend quality time with her.
  • Common Hobby – each of you have different interests that bore the other. You can still do it. However, find a way to do a common hobby together. You should enjoy one common thing to do together.
  • Out with other couples – in a relationship, you can build it more to be better of you go out with other couples. There, you can share insight about problems and fun moments which you can apply to your relationship.
  • Open Dialogue – it is not necessary for you to fight but be one to each other. Tell your partner your side and how you see things. This will eventually fix your differences.


These tips are useful enough to protect a well developed relationship. This will prevent your partner from engaging to extra-marital affairs outside your marriage or have an emotional affair. If you are strong enough with your married life then it simply means that you have affair proof marriage.



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Build an Affair Proof Marriage

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This article was published on 2010/10/02
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