7 Crucial Mistakes Which Are Preventing You From Getting Back With Your Girlfriend

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If you want to learn about the most common mistakes which are killing your chances to get back with the girlfriend, this article is for you. Those points are a bit counter-intuitive, but they are essential to know, so you don't replicate those mistakes in your attempts to get her back. After reading this article, you will know exactly what you MUST NOT do. Weirdly most men are making these mistakes and it is why most couples aren't going back together after breakup.

The first mistake is to act depressed. Think about it. Do you want to find depression in your ideal woman? When the two of you started going out, were you depressed? Trying to use pity won't arouse anybody. It might arouse maternal feelings, but there won't be any attraction. In the end she'll start going out with someone else.

Another mistake most men make is to be overly nice and telling your ex you love her over and over again. That is acting needy. She won't come back to you for that. Again same principle, if she is to come back to you, it would not be by pity but by attraction. If you already attracted her once, you can still push the emotional switches and get her back, but not by being nice.

The third mistake is to tell your girlfriend you will "change" and that "things will be different next time". Let's face it, it won't happen. Or you will respect your promise for two weeks and slip back in your bad habits. Second thing, if she quit you because of a reason, it usually isn't the true one. So telling her you changed is not enough, there are more underlying reasons behind the break up.

The fourth mistake is buying her lots of gifts and flowers. You can't buy love. Otherwise, everybody who would be ready to buy a girl a car or jewelry would win her over. And that's not the case.

The fifth mistake is to be manipulative and to try to trick to go back with you. Do I even need to explain that nobody likes to feel that they're being manipulated?

The sixth mistake is trying to reason her by using logic. People are emotional. They are not using logic to make a decision, but are doing emotional decision, and finally are justifying by logic. Look at Mark Sanford, the politician which made the headlines for cheating on his wife. He had EVERYTHING TO LOSE by cheating on her. But he still DID So.

The final mistake is to do nothing and shut her from your life. You won't get anything by doing so. You need contact, but without being needy.

Remember that to have different results, sometimes you have to do counter-intuitive stuff. To follow any of those normal reactions is intuitive and natural, but they actually will hurt your relationship with her.

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7 Crucial Mistakes Which Are Preventing You From Getting Back With Your Girlfriend

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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